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sitting at 53 degrees. look to the west. very cold. winchester at 43. 44 in martinsburg, west virginia. showers, if not steady rain all day long in those areas. back along the i-81 corridor, shower activity around the metro area and montgomery and loudoun county. in southern maryland right now, seeing showers around prince george's county so we're going to continue to see the chance for showers through the rest of the night tonight. through your morning tomorrow, maybe down around montgomery county through the gaithersburg region, 46 degrees by 7:00 with showers likely. showers again by 11:00. waking up tomorrow to very chilly numbers. 40 degrees in and around the gaithersburg area. that's not all we deal with early in the morning.
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we'll talk about that in a minute. breaking news out of fairfax county. a body has been found in the woods not far from where missing teenager bryan glenn's abandoned car was located. police sources tell us at this point they don't believe the death is suspicious. searchers found the body during a massive search by friends, family and volunteers. it was located off a pathway just beyond the area where police and bloodhounds searched last week. fairfax county police don't have a positive i.d. on the body yet. that will come after an autopsy is done. the wt woodson high school student disappeared a week ago after dropping his brother off at school. a 22-year-old bladensburg man has been shot dead by police at a home where his girlfriend was working. police tell us the man called 911 and said he had a gun and wanted to kill himself, or have police do it. news4's pat collins is live from montgomery county police headquarters in rockvale.
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were children in the house where this all went down? >> reporter: indeed, jim, there were children in the house, but they got the children and their babysitter outside in an ambulance before they actually moved in for this confrontation. what happened here is a man calls 911. he says he has a gun. he says he wants to die. he says he wants police to kill him, and indeed that's how his life came to an end. >> there were a number of shots. right after the other. >> reporter: how many shots? >> it was like maybe eight or nine. there was a lot of them. >> reporter: a man on an apparent self-destructive path, shot and killed this morning by police behind this house in silver spring. now, it's unclear as to what drove him to do what he did. but alcohol may have played some role. police say he brought a large bottle of vodka to what turned out to be the scene of his
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death. 3:15 a.m. a 911 call to police from a 22-year-old man. he said he wanted to die, that he had a gun, and he said more than that. >> at times he stated he wanted to kill himself, at other times he stated he wanted the police to kill him. >> troubled. >> absolutely. >> reporter: 3:17 a.m., police trace that call and end up at this house on woodland drive in silver spring. they find that man near a back stairwell of the house. they start talking to him, trying to get him to drop what appears to be a gun. inside the house a woman identified as the man's girlfriend. she works here as a nanny. she's caring for three children. her own son and two other kids. police move them all to an ambulance outside for their safety. 4:50, police called neighbors and warned them of potential trouble. this woman describes what that
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was like. >> the lady said it's a confidential situation going on in your street, stay in the basement until further notice. >> reporter: 5:03 a.m., the man walks out of that stairwell. there's a confrontation and he's shot by police. >> turns out it's a replica gun? >> it is a replica gun. >> does it make a difference? >> it doesn't make a difference. whether you present us with a gun, real or not real, looks real, we're going to take action. >> reporter: the dead man identified as tracy woodfor. he's from blazensburg. pat collins, news4. it happened just before noon today. this kind of a bit of a mess. that's on randolph avenue in silver spring. police say a large box truck driving in the curb lane hit the overhanging tree causing the tree to fall on another car. no one was injured. pepco and union workers have reached a tentative deal on a
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new contract. the utility company agreed, it confirmed following meetings this weekend that the agreement took place. now union members must vote on it. it's a four-year contract, but neither side is providing other details. the union president is recommending members approve it. he previously said his biggest concern was a proposed change in workers' health and welfare plans. the two sides have been at odds for months now. tonight metro met a federal judge's deadline, and installed some controversial posters. news4's jackie bensen is live at the u street station with the reaction from some of the riders. >> reporter: wendy, this is one of the four stages where the posters which have been called pro-israel and anti-muslim have been installed. sandwiched between two newly cleaned sheets of plexiglas on the u street metro station is a result of a court battle that
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included things happening halfway around the world. they read, in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. the transit agency initially resisted the poster campaign, which some view as anti-muslim. because it coincided with an outbreak of deadly violence in the middle east over an unrelated anti-muslim video on the internet. citing free speech concerns, a u.s. district judge ruled the posters would go up by 5:00 p.m. today. a group of college students were among the first to see it. >> i study ire a barabic, and i they used the word jihad incorrectly. >> i definitely agree with freedom of speech in the media, but you have to be conscious of how you're representing cultures. >> reporter: some posters in the new york subway system have been
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vandalized. >> i see the message, but it's a little misleading if you don't know much about what's going on. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll talk to the woman who created this controversial campaign. reporting live in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. president obama is in california today for a campaign, and presidential business, too. he traveled to the bakersfield area this afternoon to dedicate a new national monument to caesar chavez, the migrant farm worker who became a civil rights champion and founded the united farm workers union. >> every time somebody's son or daughter comes and learns about the history of this movement, i want them to know that our journey is never hopeless. our work is never done. i want them to remember that true courage is revealed when the night is darkest and the resistance is strongest and we somehow find it in ourselves to stand up for what we believe in.
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>> after paying his respects to the widow of chavez, the president flew off to san francisco for a round of campaign events. mitt romney is campaigning in virginia again today, in a major foreign policy address at the virginia military institute, he continued to blast president obama's leadership in the middle east, and offered his own view. >> when we look at the middle east today, with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapons capability, with the conflict in syria threatening to destabilize the region and violent extremists on the march, and with an american ambassador and three others dead likely at the hands of the al qaeda affiliates, it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took the office. >> now to the tight race for u.s. senate in virginia. tim kaine and george allen looks
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to sway undecided voters before election day. news4's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live from near richmond with a look at what the candidates will look to do to gain that edge tonight. julie? >> reporter: well, as you can see along this driveway, volunteers have been busy in advance putting up stins that lead to the scene of tonight's debate, a debate televised in most virginia tv markets. tim kaine and george allen will be arriving here a little while later. this is the second big debate in recent weeks for the former govern nors of the earlier debate. the first one was sponsored by nbc 4 back on september 20th. most polls show this race deadlocked. but two recent surveys including one just released today showing tim cain wikaine with a seven-p lead. both candidates, of course, will
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be looking to gain an edge tonight. but political observers say don't expect the attacks get too harsh. they want to show they will be the candidate for the solution in washington. >> i think the public has a degree of revulsion with all of these ads that are out there. so what happens, is that the candidates, when they get to these debates, are trying to be careful that they somehow don't have an attitude and demeanor that mirrors what the public is seeing on television and each candidate right now is saying that they are best positioned to actually help change washington and reach real solutions there. >> reporter: the debate starts at 8:00 tonight. virginia viewers can see it on c-span. for now, reporting live outside richmond, julie carrie, news4. still ahead, the cooley
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report, chris cooley will break down rg3's concussion. >> he's right here in the stu o studio. a family reunited states with a missing dog after found getting run over by a car. and the celebration for a statue of christopher columbus at union station. that traffic circle is getting a long overdue makeover. some products even called, so why are the baby items still on store shelves. liz crenshaw has
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and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. the annual columbus day celebration outside union station took on added significance today. this is the 100th anniversary of the statue honoring christopher columbus. the crowded and often confusing traffic circle named after columbus is finally getting a makeover. as tom sherwood shows us now, some people also want changes for the historic statue. >> reporter: from patriotic songs to grand processions, the annual columbus day celebration drew a crowd to columbus circle to celebrate history.
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>> columbus, as an explorer, made a spectacular difference in the history of the world. you can't imagine how extraordinary it was to have somebody say, i'm going to head out into that unknown ocean -- >> reporter: the statue of columbus was donated 100 years ago. >> back in 1912 on this very spot. >> reporter: in recent decade the grand fountain, there's no water now, fell into disrepr. it becomes a homeless shelter at night and the mountain pool holds piles of trash. >> we hope the congress a appropriates the money needed in order to restore this to the original glory. it's obviously a bit run down these days. >> reporter: the traffic circle itself is already undergoing a major renovation and redesign to help redirect tens of thousands of vehicles each day and to protect thousands of pedestrians who also overwhelm the area. the street reconstruction project is due to be finished next february.
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but columbus himself will have to wait. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. you can wear all that on a chilly day. that kept them warm. >> i was looking at a couple of things. you guys are asking, is this too early, are we looking at a cool winter now? >> is it over? >> last october was even cooler earlier. >> really? >> remember last october we also had the snowstorm. >> that's right. >> snowstorm or -- >> oh, it was a snowstorm. 8 to 12 inches of snow toward the mountains, 1 to 4 around here, some areas picking up 3 to 6. it was actually the biggest snowstorm of the entire winter season. >> the parking lot outfront was like a dusting. >> but it was a cool october. i just brought up one thing and they're continuing -- look at this. this will get you going. where do you want to go on a day
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like today? you want to go to an outdoor pool. this is bethesda, a little earlier today, around the ymca on georgetown road. when you get out, it's a little on the chilly side there. not exactly what i would be doing today. but hey, got to get your exercise in somehow. 53 degrees the current temperature. not just cool, we are cold for this time of year. average high temperature is 71 degrees. so we're close to 20 degrees below average. winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. look at the numbers to the west. 41 now in winchester. 44 in martinsburg. 43 in hagerstown. 48 in gaithersburg and around la plata coming in at 51 degrees. as far as the rain is concerned, we've seen showers, most of them during the day have been confined to the west of the blue ridge mountains. along i-81. winchester to martinsburg, shepherdstown and clarksburg area and portions of the luray and shenandoah valley, all
5:18 pm
seeing showers today. a few showers around the metro area in through prince george's county. but not a whole lot going on there, it's all back to the west. winchester and eastern portions of the west virginia panhandle really seeing rain. but also moving in to frederick and hagerstown, trying to slide off to the east. there are going to be more showers, most of them light, but through the rest of the night. the heaviest rain down to the south around the norfolk area, down through raleigh, and into eastern portions of north carolina where we've seen pretty good thunderstorms. nothing severe, but still, pretty good thunderstorms for them. here's your forecast. cold with some shower activity throughout the rest of the evening. an area of low pressure moves off the coast, we'll see a better chance of rain overnight. by tomorrow morning, cool with showery conditions down to the south and east. i'm worried about rain and potential fog early tomorrow morning. that rain would actually come in the form of drizzle early. this evening, cloudy, chilly, scattered showers, temperatures 43 to 49 degrees. tomorrow morning, heads up for some of the fog in parts of the
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area. areas of drizzle with temperatures 38 to 45 degrees. and as we move on through the next five to seven days, let's say four to seven days, 58 tomorrow, 69 on your wednesday, 64 on thursday with sunshine. temperatures, though, staying below average right on through the weekend until sunday, looking great with a high temperature of 75 degrees. get the jackets out and keep them out, you'll need them for the next few days. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, neighbors in maryland hated the name of their street. well, they got a new one after decades of controversy. why the stink bug invasion is making a comeback. in sports, the latest on the injury of quarterback robert griffin iii. tonight at 6:00 on news4, smoke and flames on the campus
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when it rains, it pours. we've got baseball, we've got football. carol's up at camden yards. >> yeah. the and we've got chris cooley in the studio. hey, carol. >> reporter: yeah, a busy night, all hands on deck. is it heaven? no, it's postseason baseball. that's what october baseball is all about. it is a little chilly here at camden yards. good news from st. louis, though. the nationals are leading the cards 1-0 in game two. it's a must-win situation for the birds thesmt lost game one last night to the yankees. 7-2. you know they really want to even up that series before it heads to new york tomorrow. first pitch tonight at 8:07. now, to the redskins. and the cooley report. chris cooley is back at the studios, while dan is in st. louis. and dan should be a little nervous, chris, because i think you look very good in the studios in that chair. >> i don't think dan can ever be nervous. he does a tremendous job. he's my news idol. dan hellie. i'm excited for week three of
5:24 pm
the cooley report. i'm excited to be in the studio. i did not want to be outside the redskins park today. it's cold. and we don't have great news from washington. another tough loss. eight losses in a row. unacceptable. >> isn't that ridiculous? it is. they don't know what's going on. let's start with the latest about rg3. a mild concussion yesterday. have you had one of those? i know there's no such thing as a mild concussion. that's the diagnosis. what's that like? >> i have had a concussion before. what all players go through is a baseline testing at the beginning of the season. they'll test a lot of their fine motor skills as well as their ability to function mentally. while they're healthy. and so what he'll go through and what he went through at the game is another baseline report. and until he's back to the normal levels, he won't be allowed to practice. he'll also have to spend a day recovering after he gets to the normal level. so a lot of it will be the way
5:25 pm
he recovers mentally, and the way he feels. and the good thing i think about the nfl now is concussions are taken so seriously, and players aren't encouraged to rush back. so a lot of it will depend on robert and how he feels and what's best for him. and the team will take it very seriously. >> i hear that robert actually apologized to his teammates, he said he felt like he let them down. what do you think, cooley? does he have to play it safe now? that's what makes him so special, the fact that he doesn't give up on plays? >> i think robert will learn as he goes and he'll know where he is on the field a little bit more and pick up to the speed of the game, and the speed of linebackers coming to hit him. it isn't the same as baylor university. he in no way is letting the teammates down. the guys down. he plays hard all the time. he plays confident. i've been extremely proud of the way he's come in as a rookie, not looked like a rookie, gave everyone fits all over the football field.
5:26 pm
and really giving this offense a lot of confidence. it's the best the offense has looked, and the best as far as scoring they've been in a long time. he'll be back. he'll continue to learn. the staff, everyone will try to keep taking hits off of him. and keeping him healthy is going to be -- i think your biggest asset into the later half of the season. >> well, if he cannot go this week, shanahan said he is not ready to announce he will start the weekend at quarterback, but cousins is number two for a reason. how do you think he did yesterday, and is he the guy in the short term? >> i think it was so apparent what robert was doing through training camp, and what a great player he was going to be. but i believe alfred morris and kirk cousins, everyone was impressed early on with kirk, what he was able to do, the way he was able to move the ball
5:27 pm
down the field, his confidence. another one of my favorite aspects of kirk's game is his bow yeah at the end of a touchdown drive. we all laughed. kirk wanted to yell bowia after every touchdown. if he's in the game, he'll prepare himself, do a tremendous job. keep control of the offense. >> yeah. we'll add bowias to it. >> i'm sure kirk will love it. >> we're going to have a lot more to talk to you about on news4 at 6:00. you might want to heckle the weather guy in the meantime. >> the weather guy will do the sports at 6:00. he's sitting with me. i'm hiring people now. >> heckle the heck out of him. turn the tables. >> i just don't know what he does with the green screen, because it's blank when he's pointing at it. the news studio blows my mind. >> all right, you two. thanks a lot, carol. thank you, chris. >> just a regular disneyland in here, it really is.
5:28 pm
coming up next in the next half hour, an emotional family reunion after a lost dog is found. we're going to see which baby products could have serious safety issues, even if they are still on the store shelves. jerryandusky plans to give ♪ ♪ ♪
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a fast forward through the headlines now. a body has been found in the fairfax county park this afternoon by someone searching for a missing teen. his name is bryan glenn. police have not positively identified the body. montgomery county police say a bladesenburg man wanted to die. cops shot and killed him early this morning. controversial ads are now up on display in some metro stations. those ads by the pro-israeli
5:32 pm
american freedom defense initiative refer to a war between civilized man and, quote, the savage. metro has requested a delay, but a judge ruled in favor of free speech. let's fast forward to the weather. >> looking at showers, and of course, the cloud cover we've seen all day long across the region. any shower activity will be on the light side, unless you live along the i-81 corridor. we've seen moderate and steady rain, but the rest of us will see shower activity. very cold air for this time of the season. well, he's a little banged up, but after a frantic search, murray is found. the woman who was walking him was assaulted in northeast d.c. but he's back with his family. good old murray. darcy spencer is here now with the big reunion. >> wendy, murray's owners had all but given up hope of finding
5:33 pm
him. but a social media campaign yielded results. he had been hit by a car, but doctors say he'll be just fine. >> he's going to be okay. >> he's walking with a limp, because of a dislocated elbow he suffered after being hit by a car. but murray, the focus of a massive search, is doing much better now. now that he's been found and has been reunited with his family. >> he's okay. >> reporter: murray got loose last week. beth kemler was walking him when a jogger claimed murray bit him. the man grabbed murray's leash, the frightened dog slipped out of his collar and took off. the attacker took after him but murray was gone. the jogger came back, sexually assaulted her and grabbed her arm so hard, you can still see the bruises. >> my wounds aren't near anywhere near what murray's are. but i do still have a pretty bad bruise on my arm. but it will heal.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: kemler mounted a campaign to get murray back on facebook and twitter. friends and volunteers posted fliers all around the city, and it paid off. a tip led animal control officers to rhode island avenue sunday. the lost and lonesome dog was found in someone's backyard. >> the reaction is, what is the world coming to these days. in a lot of ways, what the world is really coming to, was like 30 people mobilizing to help us find the dog. >> reporter: murray's recovering at the friendship animal hospital which has given the owners a break on the medical bill. doctors here say murray is definitely banged up but he's going to be okay. but will have to stay here at the hospital for a couple of days before he with go home. doctors say besides the dislocated elbow, he has burns, cuts and scrapes. full recovery? >> i think so. he might have a little stiffness. it will be a little while for him to play tennis again. but otherwise, he should be fine. >> reporter: perhaps no one is more glad that murray is safe
5:35 pm
and okay than 2-year-old jacob, his best friend and constant companion. >> everything is feeling great right now. knowing he's going to be okay. it's really amazing. >> the search for that jogger who allegedly assaulted the woman who was walking murray continues. i spoke to murray's doctor just this afternoon, he says he was able to fix the dislocated elbow without any surgery. and he should be like new in several weeks. >> oh, good. that makes us all feel better. good for murray. >> thank you, darcy. police made an arrest today connected to a weekend murder in alexandria. manuel garza is accused of killing a 30-year-old on sunday. ives' body was found on a doorstep. an autopsy will be done to determine the exact cause of death. a street in howard county got a brand-new name today.
5:36 pm
the original name was controversial. it's now april wind court. six households on that street recently asked for the name change. the residents were concerned because over the years the street sign has been vandalized and stolen several times. the change was approved by the howard county council back on september 7th after a public hearing. in just about a month, voters will vote whether same-sex marriage will become legal in the state of maryland. a group against the measure unleashed a new set of ads urging people to vote against the measure. but as chris gordon reports now, the governor is fighting back with nfl star power. >> reporter: the maryland marriage alliance is launching its tv ad campaign urging people to vote against question 6, the civil marriage protection act. they support the traditional definition of marriage, one man, one woman. >> everyone is entitled to love and rgs. but nobody is entitled to redefine marriage. vote against question 6. >> quite honestly, we feel like our ads are great.
5:37 pm
they're stating our message, that marriage is more than just what any two adults want, but about the future of the generations, and looking about the kids. >> reporter: in every one of the six states and d.c. where it's legal, it's been up to the legislature. the general assembly here in annapolis approved same-sex marriage. but opponents circulated a petition which put question 6 on the ballot this november. >> the other side put out an ad today. it misses that this issue is really about equality and fairness. that's what question 6 is all about. >> as a catholic legislator and father of three catholic children, i'm fully confident of voting for question 6 on november 6th is the right thing to do. >> reporter: this is the new webb add. they want to reach the washington audience and sent out this urgent e-mail today asking supporters to donate whatever they can. they're also bringing out big names.
5:38 pm
>> tonight the governor is going to be meeting with the baltimore ravens linebacker and supporters and they'll be watching a football game and thank supporters. >> another baltimore raven is against gay marriage. >> marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> this is not a civil rights issue, but this is about the redefinition of marriage. >> reporter: if the defensive marriage act is approved by voters, same-sex marriage will be legal in maryland on january 1st of next year. chris gordon, news4. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, a major parking change in the works for rockville town center. what's behind the comeback of those stink bugs
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5:41 pm
a new hotel complex with hundreds of apartments and new shops is coming to rockville.
5:42 pm
montgomery county officials today announced a $4 million grant from the economic development fund for this project. it's being built at east middle lane and monroe street on the former side of the rockville mall. the new 14-story building will include a cambria suites hotel with 300 apartments above it. it will also include 40 moderately priced housing units. retail space will be available on the street level with a lot of parking for shoppers. developers say it's been a long time coming. >> we are ecstatic to see this happen. we've been looking for a hotel for downtown rockville for decades. literally decades. so this is truly a dream come true. >> the groundbreaking is next month. it's hoped it will be completed in two years. they're back, farmers and scientists say stink bugs have arrived in maryland, and in a big way, folks. the u.s. agriculture department said the population of stink bugs in frederick county is up 60% from a year ago.
5:43 pm
thankfully there is good news. that number is not as high as in 2010, when stink bugs were just about everywhere in our newsroom, at least. >> there was one on my pillow the other night. >> ew. coming up, next, esquiesquir esquire names the sexiest woman alive. and local college students go gangnam style. liz crenshaw, dangerous baby
5:44 pm
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i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
5:46 pm
a warning tonight for parents, dangerous baby products you can still get your hands on. liz crenshaw explains why some of them are still for sale. liz? >> jim, 40% of all recalls last year were for children's products. when you buy a baby product, it doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. the same goes for hand-me-downs. there are dangerous baby products associated with injuries and even death. bring home a new baby and you bring home a house full of new
5:47 pm
equipment, products parents presume are safe to use. >> one of the most serious challenges is there are products that may appear to give parents a false sense of security. >> reporter: david butler is deputy director for consumers union in washington, d.c. cu says products are designed and sold and only after being used by some children are safety problems surfacing. >> the challenge is making sure those products are the very safest that they can be. and when necessary, try to get these dangerous products off the store shelves. >> reporter: the u.s. consumer product safety commission is in charge of tracking injuries. and working with manufacturers to redesign products and sometimes issue a recall. here at the cpsc lab, products are tested for safety, and dangerous designs discovered. for starters, drop side cribs, more than 11 million have been recalled. >> it was specifically the drop
5:48 pm
side detached hazard. what happens is a baby can get caught, feet-first, get caught in the head and neck area and strangle. >> reporter: 32 babies have died. beware of soft bedding. the cpsc says nearly half of all crib deaths are from suffocation. it warns never put pillows, quilts, cushions or even bumpers in the baby's crib. and sleep positioners, the cpsc says don't use them. there have been at least 12 deaths. >> never use a sleep positioner. the baby can turn their side and get caught at the head area on the bolster and suffocate. >> reporter: another worry, baby sling carriers. at least 14 deaths have been reported. >> the commission is concerned about babies suffocating with the fabric against the nose and mouth, or when the baby is in a curved position and gets caught chin-to-chest. and can no longer breathe. >> how do you want parents to use these safely? >> consumers should make sure the baby's head is exposed when using the sling carrier. >> reporter: falls also injure
5:49 pm
children. bumbo seats were recalled for a fix. 21 skull fractures were reported after babies fell out of seats placed on elevated surfaces. >> you want to get the restraint strap and add it to your bumbo seat. a safer place is to use it on the floor. >> reporter: baby bath seats are another problem. the seat can tip over and the baby can slip through the leg opening and drown. baby walkers have been dangerous because of stairs, right? >> stairs, and falls being the number one injury there. >> they fall. >> extremely dangerous, and can be deadly. here we have the newer style with the anti-skid device. stops at the top of stairs. >> when you're setting up a house for a baby, it's overwhelming the number of products that are being marked to you. and the essential things that you really do need. that's why it's so important to do your homework, to find out what you really need, and what is considered safe. >> now, you can find out what
5:50 pm
consumers are complaining about when it comes to all kinds of products before you go shopping. check the government website called safer it includes potentially dangerous products, and products that have already been recalled. if you go to safer products, you'll see at least problems people have had or complaints they've had even before a recall happens. >> some of them just happen in a second. >> really scary. >> all of them are scary. but the sling one, you didn't think about that one. >> right. here's something fun to think about for you and your baby. it's fall and that means the corn maze is back in howard county. this year it is shaped like the mol i next corn maze is shaped like fort mchenry. they cut it that way to celebrate the 20th -- 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. and the star spangled banner. it opens fridays, saturdays and sundays through november 4th. >> very cool. >> there you go. let's check out the weather. how are we looking out there,
5:51 pm
doug? >> we're looking cold and a little on the dreary side. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average. 53 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at 8 miles an hour. take a look at the numbers around the renl. just off to the west, we're talking about cool numbers, already down to 48 in gaithersburg, 52 in manassas. huntingtown coming in at 51 degrees and 53 in the district, as we mentioned. cool numbers. not just cool, we're talking about potential record low/high temperatures for the day. this would be 54 degrees. we have maybe set a record today. radar showing rain across the region, especially to the west of the blue ridge, but now pushing in farther to the east. right along 66, if you're getting readyo head west, prince william county, fauquier, that's where you'll see the heaviest showers. and the most persistent rain, too. the district right now, just
5:52 pm
some light shower activity. not a whole lot. i don't expect a lot of rain this evening, but you'll at least need the umbrellas. 38 in martinsburg this evening, 39 in winchester, and 45 when you wake up tomorrow in washington. shower activity overnight. by tomorrow morning, i think we're on the dry side, and dealing with plenty of cloud cover. 58 in washington tomorrow. 53 in winchester and martinsburg. another very cool day. maybe some sunshine starting to break out from west to east. a lot of clouds during the day. i do think, however, we'll begin to warm up. high wednesday of 69. 67 on friday. through the weekend, weekend temperatures moving up. 7 on your saturday. 75 on sunday. nice and warm. a little on the breezy side. >> nice. >> thank you, doug. here's what's trending today in the top sor is. esquire magazine names the sexiest woman alive. kunis appears in a racy photo on
5:53 pm
the cover of the magazine. she's been making tabloid headlines as she cozies up to new boyfriend ashton kutcher. halle berry, kate beckensstall. last year's winner rihanna. oh, my. all right. not quiet at the library at the university of maryland. studts and staff were going gangnam style. the library posted this video on youtube. students marching band, the mascot, dancing to the popular korean song. it's had 120,000 views. 26-year-old dunham who stars and writes the hbo comedy "girls" just signed a $3.5 million deal. she is writing an essay
5:54 pm
collection about not that kind of girl. a young woman tells you what she's learned. random house bought the rights, and one of the most heated book auctions of the year. jerry sandusky learns his punishment in less than 24 years. what is expected to happen in the courtroom tomorrow. tonight at 6:00, new proof that mitt romney may be gaining ground with voters.
5:55 pm
take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:57 pm
tomorrow is sentencing day for jerry sandusky. in june, the former penn state assistant football coach was convicted of sexually abusing young boys. sandusky is expected to make a statement before the judge tomorrow, but his attorneys say no one else will speak on his behalf. instead, the judge will review letters written by some of sandusky's friends and family. danielle lee has more on what we can expect at tomorrow's hearing. >> reporter: tuesday jerry sandusky will return to the same centre county courthouse where he was escorted out in cuffs just over three months ago. he'll emerge from isolation thinner, and wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of a sports coat. >> we've known for a long time that the sentence that the judge will impose is going to be very lengthy, very significant. >> reporter: the former penn state assistant football coach faces anywhere from 60 to more than 400 years in prison for abusing ten boys over 15 years. sandusky never testified.
5:58 pm
the only time we heard from him was during a poorly handled interview with nbc's bob costas last november. >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> sandusky's attorney admits he regrets allowing that interview to take place. >> the fact is, he said what he was supposed to have said, it's just he said it in a way that wasn't the best way to do it. >> reporter: he said sandusky is ready to break his silence once again. >> it is probable he will make some statement. just a question of how long, how lengthy it is. he's going to say he's innocent. >> reporter: an innocence his attorney maintains. >> i believe he was set up. i really do. >> reporter: this, despite often heartbreaking testimony from
5:59 pm
victims during the trial detailing abuse at the penn state campus and sandusky's home. some of them will likely speak again during the sentencing and their statements are sure to have weight in whatever sentence sandusky receives. in centre county, danielle lee, nbc news. right now, on news4 at 6:00, it's clear what may have played a role in a deadly police shooting. controversial new ads going up at some metro stops. tonight we hear from the woman who created those ads. a dramatic change in our weather in just a few days. and more changes are on the way. and good evening. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for doreenentzler. >> i'm jim vance. a major foreign policy address in virginia, that's from republican candidate mitt romney. he was very critical of the president's leadership today. he said mr. obama's policies have left the middle east a more dangerous place than it was four years ago. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more on romney's call for

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